Follow-Up Schedule

Adequate instruction is essential for gaining confidence in the FertilityCareTM System and obtaining the maximum effectiveness possible. The couple enters the program with an introductory session and continues in the program with a series of individualized follow-up teaching appointments.

Follow-up sessions are designed to teach couples to be actual users of the Creighton Model System. Personal instruction on the use of the method, as well as complete chart review, are services provided at the individual follow-up sessions. Scheduled at regular intervals, attendance is essential so the couple may quickly develop confidence in the use of the method. After the introductory session, the follow-up sessions occur on the following basic schedule:

Basic Follow-Up Schedule (After the Introductory Session)

  1. First Follow-up (Two Weeks)
  2. Second Follow-up (Four Weeks)
  3. Third Follow-up (Six Weeks)
  4. Fourth Follow-up (Eight Weeks)
  5. Fifth Follow-up (Three Months)
  6. Sixth Follow-up (Six Months)
  7. Seventh Follow-up (Nine Months)
  8. Eighth Follow-up (Twelfth Month)

Subsequent follow-ups are recommended every 6 to 12 months as needed. Your professional Creighton Model teacher is also available for consultation between sessions should any questions arise.