There Is Hope

NaPro Technology – Unleashing the Power in a Woman’s CycleNaproTechnology 1

There is an alternative to In Vitro (IVF) that offers hope to infertility.
Current IVF solutions are only 21-27% effective. By utilizing the Creighton Model’s identification of the days of fertility alongside the reproductive science of NaPro Technology, effectiveness can reach up to 80%!

Now, there is real hope for couples who suffer from infertility through the exciting and promising reproductive science of NaPro Technology, which is used to diagnose the underlying cause of a couple’s infertility and produce treatments that correct the infertile condition while cooperating with the menstrual and fertility cycles instead of seeking to overcome the cycles by suppressing or destroying them.

NaProTechnology uses the Creighton Model FertilityCare™System (charting identification of days of fertility and infertility), which allows women to monitor and maintain their own procreative and gynecological health. The Creighton Model creates a valuable tool for specifically trained physicians (Medical Consultants) because it aids in the timing of diagnostic tests, diagnosis and treatment used in the science of NaProTechnology.

In NaProTechnology, the menstrual and fertility cycle are regarded as normal and any deviation from this indicates abnormalities that need to be corrected.

NaProTechnology offers a moral option for couples of all faiths. It maintains the dignity of the human person and respects the dignity of women and the integrity of marriage. Women and couples now have the opportunity to know and understand the causes of their infertility.

Getting Started with NaProTechnology

Couples who seek evaluation and treatment for infertility must first learn the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System. After two months of charting, a couple’s medical records and chart can be submitted to a nearby Creighton Model FertilityCare™ Medical Consultant for evaluation or sent directly to Dr. Thomas Hilgers, the Reproductive Specialist and creator of NaProTechnology in Omaha, Nebraska.