Who is it for?

womens healthTeenagers & Single Women

Every young woman deserves to know how her reproductive system functions.  This understanding increases her ability to appreciate and care for her fertility.  Teenagers are often put on ‘the pill’ as a remedy for menstrual cramps, irregular cycles and ovarian cysts.  This off-label use can only mask the problem and create additional problems.  NaProTechnology identifies underlying causes and treats them cooperatively.

Engaged & Married CouplesMarriage

The Creighton Model System is an excellent means of natural birth regulation.  When used to avoid pregnancy, the use-effectiveness is 96.8%.  When used to achieve pregnancy the effectiveness is 76% in the very 1st cycle of use and 98% by the 6th cycle.   In addition, the development of SPICE* techniques improves couple relations and contributes to a very low divorce rate.  Engaged couples should attend class 3 months prior to the wedding if the woman has not already done so.

*Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Communicative & Emotional