Who can use it?

FertilityCare is effective for every kind of cycle.

Long, short, irregular, following hormonal contraception, pre-menopause or during breast feeding.personalised fertility care

FertilityCare can be learned at any time in the childbearing years. We recommend 6 months prior to marriage as the ideal time to learn to chart for NFP use. This way the couple are proficient with the fertility monitoring aspect of their life before the immediate time of the wedding gets too close. They can cope and manage any effect even positive stress might have on the cycle.

If a couple uses FertilityCare from the beginning of their sexual relationship they have tremendous insight into their fertility potential before they try to conceive.

This is extremely beneficial in a society where one couple in six will experience some difficulty conceiving.

The earlier problems are identified and treated, the greater the likelilood of a successful outcome.

Find out what couples say about FertilityCare, watch the NFP videos here.